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Service is often also referred to as repair (service). The definition of repair itself is an attempt to restore the condition and function of an object or device that was damaged due to the use of the tool in its original condition. The repair process does not require equalization according to the initial conditions, the priority is that the tool can function normally again. Improvements allow for the replacement of parts / tools. Sometimes some of the products in the market do not provide spare parts for replacement when they are repaired, even though there are, the price of spare parts is almost close to the new price of one unit of the product. This is forcing the user / customer to buy the same new product.

Not every repair can be completed easily, depending on the level of difficulty and complexity of assembling / assembling the device, starting from the level of material type to the level of sophistication of the tool's function. The level of difficulty is what gives rise to different types of repairs, ranging from minor repairs, moderate repairs and repairs that are often called heavy service. From the types of service above, the cost of repairs is determined according to the level of difficulty.

Service is one thing that is very important in the business world because service is a form of appreciation to customers. Service is also one of the considerations of someone to decide to buy a product or use the services of a company. Poor service can make customers run away and move to competing companies. Given the importance of service for the continuity of our business, it is only fitting that we always maintain our service to customers

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