VioToko Blogger Theme

After previously I launched the VioMagz cool blogger template, this time I want to introduce another new template, namely the responsive blogspot online shop template, fast loading, and of course SEO friendly.

I made the name of this online shop template similar to VioMagz, namely VioToko because this template was created from the modification of the VioMagz template.

I created this online shop template specifically for friends who want to create a simple online shop without the hassle using only blogspot.

Although actually blogger/blogspot is only devoted as a blogging platform, but by using this online store template, you can turn your blogspot blog into a cool online store.

Of course, this online shop template has more limited features than if you use a special online shop platform.

But at least if you use blogspot it will save you a lot more costs because you don't need to rent hosting and you don't need to rent a domain.

But specifically for the domain, my suggestion is that you should still use a custom domain, don't use the subdomain.

Immediately, here's a screenshot of the VioToko template display:

VioStore Home

VioStore Product Page

Features and Advantages of VioToko
  • 100% responsive
    • 100% Responsive on all screen sizes
  • SEO Ready
    • No need to bother messing with the template code for SEO because I have optimized it
  • Fast Loading
    • Cool and modern look but still fast loading
  • Support Blogger Theme Designer Features
    • If you don't like the default color of this template, you can change it easily via the Blogger Theme Designer menu
  • Can Post Products and Articles
    • In addition to posting products, you can also post articles like on a regular blog
  • Using Schema Markup on product pages and articles
    • Special Markup Schema on product and article pages to help search engines understand your blogspot online store
  • WhatsApp Chat Button, SMS, and Call
    • The VioToko template does not use the shopping cart feature, instead WhatsApp, SMS, and Phone chat buttons have been provided
  • Icon Using Font Awesome
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Pop-up Search Form
  • Related Products/Articles Widget
  • Share Button
  • Back to Top Button
  • Custom Page Error
  • No Credit Link
  • Others will follow in the latest version.

Google Mobile-Firendly test results

Google PageSpeed ​​Mobile test results

Google PageSpeed ​​Desktop test results

Google Product Page Structured Data test results

The results of the structured data test of the article posting page

Google Lighthouse test results

Online Store Template Prices
I sell this template at a fairly affordable price, which is only Rp. 195,000.

The price is cheap considering that you only have to pay once, after that the template can be used for as long as you want. There is no subscription fee per year.


Demo Buy Now Detail

Payment is sent to BCA bank account. Payment verification is automatic, so there is no need to confirm sending proof of payment.